Breaking the silence

So I feel like I have some explanation job to do so here I go: As you might noticed – my last post is almost 2 months ago… and it has a reason – I had exams and actually failed in combining the university with my blog, so I’m really sorry for that. It is not that I’m not dedicated to my blog, but I’m one of those people who don’t dream to start a blog, get famous and get an amazing job at Vogue or something (don’t get me wrong, it’s not a negative thing to dream that way – even better to set this as a goal and go to the end!) anyways, my absolute priority is the university and working in the IT Industry. I see “Fashionoui” as my hobby, which still requires passion and dedication, thats why I feel kinda guilty for not posting so long so a huge SORRY!

Back to the good things: I or WE are back and working on new outfits and posts! I’m very excited to share my style ideas with you again and I hope you stay tuned!!!!

Love, Alexandra!


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